What's New?

Baseplate Changelog

3/13/23 - Backend-as-a-Service for LLM Apps

  • Hybrid Datasets
    • Add any number of columns ( embeddings, data, metadata)
    • Use your datasets to provide your LLM with accurate and relevant context
    • Use the data returned via the API to create rich UX's in your chat interface
    • You don't have to manage a vector database AND a regular database. It's all under one roof
  • Document Management
    • We've added a ton of support for managing datasets with multiple documents
    • It's now extremely easy to replace vectors from an old document with content from new documents
    • You can now organize and return content based on the document id
    • Check out the API reference for some more info
  • Unified Datasets
    • We've deprecated "Test/Train Datasets"
    • You can train and test your models using your hybrid datasets

3/2/23 - Chat GPT API

OpenAI released the Chat GPT API, and we've added it Baseplate

  • Go to the chat bubble from the top right of the playground to use our Chat GPT playground
  • We've built in optimizations based on best practices to make your results better
  • WARNING: if you switch to using Chat GPT, the API structure for you endpoints will change too. Make sure to look at the API instructions for your endpoint before deploying!
Chat GPT API is now supported!

2/24/23 - Introducing Baseplate for Teams

  • Your Team, One Workspace
    • Your team's prompt Templates, Datasets, and Playground+ sessions are now shared!
    • You can now work together on tasks like prompt iteration, configuring semantic search, and more.
    • Never lose track of your teams historical data. Look back and see which variants are performing best.
  • Baseplate Endpoints
    • Found a variant that works? Deploy to production with a single API call
    • A variant consists of a prompt, a data augmentation (semantic search) resource, and a LLM
      • By composing different combinations, you can quickly experiment and find the best strategy for your use case
    • Configure your connection to a Baseplate endpoint once in code, then never worry again. You can run experiments and deploy new variants to that endpoint from the console.

2/20/23 - Baseplate 0.2

  • Better Organization and Space Utilization. New Landing Page
    • Some of you asked for us to make text boxes more readable and simplify our navigation
    • There is now one sidebar (which you can minimize), so you have more space to work
    • It's now much easier to read and compare prompts/completions
    • You also let us know that our web page didn't express the value of the product. Check out our latest version!
  • More Customized Embedding Support
    • You can now choose a chunk size
    • You can now choose a "k" factor. This changes the number of search results
    • You can now choose any number of variables to use in your embedding search
  • Github Integration Alpha
    • You can now add our Github app to your repo and keep your templates in code and Baseplate in sync
    • This integrates with popular prompt formats, like Langchain's serialization
  • Pricing Update
    • The Starter tier is now $35 per seat
    • Teams looking to fine tune directly on the platform will need to upgrade to the Pro tier
  • Bug Fixes
    • Way too many